Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Rusty Pipes in a Crawlspace

This crawl space was flooded with Category 3 water which required us to remove all insulation. We came across a rusty pipe that had been leaking for a significa... READ MORE

Faulty Shower Pan

Leaking shower pans can cause long standing damage to your home, which is why it is always important to act immediately if you suspect a problem. When a shower ... READ MORE

Always Remove Baseboard After a Flood!

A before and after of a St. John's water damage job where due to flooding, the baseboards had to be removed. When your home or business suffers a flood loss, ce... READ MORE

SERVPRO Chemicals Are Superior!

The owner of this tub tried every over the counter chemical to clean the discoloration on this tub. After scrubbing for an hour with no luck, the owner called S... READ MORE

Poor Indoor Air Quality!

The photos show an A/C unit that had not changed the filters regularly. Consequently, the coils had to be removed and deep cleaned. Routine maintenance can help... READ MORE

YMCA Gymnasium Flood

Before and after of a green cove springs restoration job that was completed. The first photo shows a small amount of standing water still standing in the gymnas... READ MORE

New tile entryway by SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine

This mosaic entryway was added to help bring a bit of creativity to the entryway of this home. Our construction crew custom designed this entryway from scratch ... READ MORE

Commercial Mold Remediation in St Augustine

This set of pictures demonstrate temporary containment build around the affected area with an addition of industrial style air scrubbing equipment. This was don... READ MORE

Commercial Tile Cleaning in St Augustine Beach

SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine has all of the toys available in the industry! See the difference for yourself! There is not a restoration company that has newe... READ MORE

Restoration in hard to reach areas in St Augustine

In such a short time we demonstrated ability to restore hard to reach areas of any building. This attic space in St Augustine was water damaged when a washer ma... READ MORE

Commercial Restoration in St Augustine by SERVRPO

From big commercial projects to smaller residential water and fire losses to commercial and residential cleaning – SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/St. Au... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage in St Augustine

When this local business was flooded by its neighbor (restaurant) it needed immediate help. SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/St. Augustine Beach is the preferre... READ MORE

Commercial Mold Remediation in St Augustine

Commercial mold remediation/removal. Once contaminated material is removed all surfaces are HEPA vacuumed and then sealed with specialty sealant. At SERVPRO, we... READ MORE

Water damage, St Augustine business remained open!

This new business couldn't afford to be closed for any amount of time, all while extensive emergency repairs were needed. The before photo shows off the finishe... READ MORE

Water damage at a local business in St Augustine

After finishing all water damage remediation work, SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine/St. Augustine Beach was hired to install new flooring for this local business... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage in St Augustine

Please note - not our choice of colors! All jokes aside, before photo shows the serious demolition that took place in this local business (long term water damag... READ MORE

Commercial Tile Install After Fire Damage

Trusting professionals in a fire and smoke damage situations is really not a choice. Remediation of fire, smoke, and soot damage is a very labor intensive proce... READ MORE