What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

Todd had severe storm damage to his home after a hurricane, and SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine made the 5 hour drive across the state to be his disaster recovery team. Todd exclaimed, "Manny and Kenny were excellent on this job!" #Greater we are! Call (904) 429-4457 if you ever need us to be YOUR disaster recovery team!

James P experienced severe storm damage due to Hurricane Michael.  James exclaimed

"Thanks for the immediate response during hurricane Michael! Your team out of St. Augustine, lead by Kenny and

Randy were a pleasure to work with."

After Irma, the unit flooded extensively throughout the ground floor. SERVPRO teams were able to extract the water immediately and place equipment to dry out the home. They were very professional and friendly

Last year one of our insureds had a water claim as a result of Hurricane Irma.  This claim turned out to be a flood claim.  Although our agency did offer this insured flood insurance, the insured chose not to purchase the additional policy at the time the purchased their new home.  Their home was not located in a Flood Prone area and money was tight as they were purchasing their first home.  In an attempt to assist the insured with the water restoration on the home we gave SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine a call.  Even though the insured did not have flood insurance, SERVPRO still provided the insured with a free damage assessment and a written estimate for their homeowners insurance company. They advised the insured of the most cost efficient ways to mitigate their own damage, since they did not have a flood insurance policy to pay for the work.  Matt, with SERVPRO, even stopped by the house to do an unofficial inspection when the home was under construction, just to see if there was anything else they needed.  SERVPRO went above and beyond for this insured and they will get all our business moving forward.  

When our commercial building flooded for the second time in 1 year, we called SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/St. Augustine. We used a different restoration company after Hurricane Matthew and we were not impressed. We're glad we chose SERVPRO this time. They met our very strict deadline for completion, and the work they did exceeded our expectations.

As a local realtor in St. Johns county, Diane often encounters homes in St. Augustine that have storm damage. In order to pass inspection, Diane always uses SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine for all restoration needs. Diane chooses our location because she trusts us to do the job by the book and get everything right the first try.

Initially the customer believed there was no damage from the storm. After a thorough SERVPRO inspection, we determined the roof had a leak and the attic was affected. Acting quick helped to eliminate further mold damage, and the property was quickly restored back to its original state.

The office manager Brenna was very knowledgeable and helpful upon our first request for assistance. Kenneth Woodruff, the production manager, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, easing our worry upon his first contact. Pedro was very polite and helpful. SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine is the best! Thank you!

SERVPRO Greater St. Augustine responded to my house after the flood. I called them at 3:00am, and someone answered immediately. They walked me through the whole process from start to finish. I never even had to call another company to redo the drywall or painting. SERVPRO did it all! Very convenient. Thank you so much for all you did to help me!

-Brittany Charlotte

Mike Jones is a Watson agent, who had nothing but complements when SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine finished their work on a rental home after substantial water damage. He was pleased with the speed of the service, quality of work performed, and knowledgeable and friendly staff. We now have our own fan at WATSON - it is a privilege to be able to work in the community.

Curry's were caught by a nasty surprise when they got to their vacation condo in St Augustine Beach on a Friday night...SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine, to everyone's amazement, made it like it never even happened in such a short time, the family who has a special needs person, didn't feel any inconvenience and were thankful for the quick and professional help they received - all 10's on the survey!!!

Condo got water damaged by a small storm, didn't know what to do and who to call. Neighbor recommended calling SERVPRO, I'm so glad I did. Glad there is one in St Augustine now! They were simply amazing, calm me down and did everything they said they would - i didn't have to pay for anything out of my pocket and was able to go on my planned trip! Recommend these guys to everyone!

Guys from SERVPRO in St Augustine came out on Sunday to work on the water damage in our home. They were all professional and clean. Worked around our schedule to complete work and save us some money on our deductible - great location, will definitely use them again!

Everyone at SERVPRO in St Augustine were great to work with. Very responsive, very proactive. All work completed as expected, all with great quality! We couldn't have asked for better service.